Port Monitor
Website and server monitoring made simple!

What is Port Monitor?

Any of your websites or servers went down? Be the first to know!

Port Monitor is an easy and online tool that does website monitoring and server monitoring for you 24/7. It records uptime, website/server response times (performance) and downtime causes. Generate your own custom reports and receive instant email alerts or weekly/monthly reports.

Latest Port Monitor news

Better checks!
We want all of you to have free checks every 60 seconds but every day more and more people are using Port Monitor and millions of checks are being done every day. We've optimized our background services to adapt to the growing demand. Thank you for using Port Monitor!

Improvements, improvements everywhere
We improved the uptime calculation method, it is a lot more accurate now. We also put some extra info in the notification emails (hope you find it useful). A target is failing? Move the mouse over the info icon in the status column to find what is happening. We also added lot of small improvements here and there that you will not notice at first sight but will help you to find Port Monitor a better tool :)

More bugfixing!
We are finishing the beta stage, stay tuned and thank you all for the reports!

Upgraded systems
With the latest underlying update Port Monitor will run faster than ever.

Port Monitor keeps improving!
We have done small changes in the UI to improve your user experience.

About us, the uptime maniacs

We are a startup company called Nazaríes IT and located in Spain. This project has been developed using Ruby on Rails, our favorite framework, because we couldn't find a website monitoring or server monitoring online tool that fit our needs.

Please, feel free to contact us with any doubts or issues you find while using it. We will be pleased to help you or fix the issue ASAP. Currently, we are working on adding new features like new website monitoring and server monitoring options, while in the meantime, finishing the iOS app.

If you find this project interesting or useful, please, help us and share it!

Thanks for trusting your uptime in us!