Implemented features

  • Simple and free sign up.
  • Perform checks every 60 seconds!
  • Online tool, no need to install any software in your server or website.
  • Monitor websites, servers, custom TCP ports and DNS hostnames.
  • Advanced website monitoring: check for content matching in your website.
  • Email notifications to multiple email addresses.
  • Push notifications to Android/iOS devices and Desktop browsers.
  • Event summary.
  • Response time (performance) and uptime reports.
  • Weekly or monthly customized email reports.
  • Detailed errors when downtime occurs.
  • Customize settings and notifications for each monitor.
  • Secured connection over SSL.
  • Public API.
  • Create your own public status pages.

Currently in development:

  • Developing the official iOS app (thanks RubyMotion).
  • Customize email alerts.
  • White label reselling.
  • Downtime diagnosis tools.
  • UDP monitoring.

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