What is Port Monitor?

Port Monitor is the perfect tool for web developers, system administrators or just anyone (or anything using our API!) who wants to monitor something on Internet. Port Monitor checks your websites and servers automatically every 60 seconds. You will receive a push or email notification every time something goes wrong. Of course, you can also generate your own uptime, response time and downtime reports later or just receive the information in the weekly/monthly email.

Do you manage a website or a server?

If you want to be the first knowing if something goes wrong then Port Monitor is the pefect tool for you.

Do you want to monitor your website or server performance?

Great, because Port Monitor can help you displaying real-time performance and generating response time reports!

Does Port Monitor record any data?

Yes: it records the uptime, downtime, error causes and response times so you can generate your own custom reports at anytime.

Where are the checks done from?

Currently all the checks are done from the "main" node, which IP is

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