Monitoring your custom service (TCP):

In your Dashboard:

  1. Create or select a group.
  2. Click “Add monitor” and “Custom service”.
  3. Enter your desired name, for example "My email server".
  4. Enter your custom service host, for example "".
  5. Enter your custom service TCP port, for example "25".
  6. Click “Submit”.

The monitor will check your custom service every 60 seconds and send a notification if something goes wrong.

How is my custom service monitored?

Port Monitor will try to connect to the host and TCP port you provided. A successful check is recorded when Port Monitor establishes a successful connection to the host and port. A failed check is recorded when the connection can not be established for any reason.

Popular TCP services

Service TCP Port
FTP 21
SSH 22
Mail (STMP) 25
Mail (IMAP) 143
Mail (IMAP SSL) 993
Mail (POP3) 110
Client/Server Communication 135
Common Internet File System (CIFS) 139, 445
DHCP Server 67
DNS Server 53
MySQL 3306

For a full list visit List of TCP and UDP port numbers.

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