Monitoring your website (HTTP/HTTPS):

In your Dashboard:

  1. Create or select a group.
  2. Click “Add monitor” and “Website”.
  3. Enter your desired name for this monitor, for example "My website".
  4. Enter your website URL, for example "".
  5. Optionally fill the fields "The response body must contain" and/or "The response body must NOT contain" if you want to check your website content.
  6. Press “Submit”.

The monitor will check your website every 60 seconds and send a notification if detects anything wrong.

How is my website monitored?

Port Monitor will try to access the site pointed by the URL you provided. If needed, Port Monitor will follow redirections and accept cookies to reach your site.

Port Monitor will report as an error any HTTP status different than 2xx. For example, if the webserver responds with a 404 status code (page not found) or 500 (server error) the check will be considered failed.

Secured socket layers (SSL)

If your website uses a secured connection, remember to use "https://" instead of "http://" in the URL field. The only difference? Port Monitor will establish a secure connection (443) instead a standard connection (80).

Body content matching

You can specify the text you website response should (or should not) include in the body using the optional fields.

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